Our church covenant compels us "to give systematically from our personal financial resources, giving sacrificially when such giving is needed." We rely upon our "Financial Plan for Ministry" to account for the collection and use of our financial resources. Some may call such a thing a budget. However, when we look together at the financial resources we have, we choose what to do with them, how to use them to support the ministry to which we believe that God is calling us, we are aware that we are doing much more than budgeting. What looks like a spreadsheet full of lines and numbers really is a plan for what ministry we will do in the coming year and some of the ways we will support it. It is the result of prayer and discipleship as much as it is of accounting and balance sheets.

Support our Financial Plan for Ministry. Gifts can submitted by this secure method through tithe.ly:

Weekly Schedule

Sunday School   9:30 a.m.
Sunday Worship Service   10:30 a.m.
Choir Rehearsal Wednesdays   5:15 p.m.
Wednesday Night Dinner   5:45 p.m.*
Wednesday Night Programs   6:45 p.m.

*call 615.269.0926 or email for reservations

Calendar of Events

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Room In The Inn (NiH) February 21, 2020
Sunday School February 23, 2020
Worship Service February 23, 2020

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