Holy Friday at Glendale - Hayes Requiem


Singing the Mark Hayes Requiem is nothing short of gift and grace, and singing it with Don Schlosser as director and Brian Koho as soaring baritone soloist is pure bliss, which is why all are invited to join us Friday, April 3, at 7:00 PM at Glendale Baptist Church as the Glendale choir sings the Hayes Requiem as an act of worship on Holy Friday.

Following the traditional Requiem Mass Hayes brings us his latest 6-movement, 35-minute work in both Latin and English. An award winning concert pianist, arranger, composer, and conductor, Hayes offers his artistry on both the secular and sacred music worlds. From his bio on markhayes.com, Mark describes his mission as "to create beautiful music for the world."

Please join us at Glendale as we seek to create beautiful music for the world on Holy Friday.


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