Mark McEntire to Lead Genesis Study


Mark McEntire will be leading us in a fascinating study of Genesis for the next 3 Wednesday nights.  The sessions will begin at 6:45 when our prayer time ends and finish around 7:30.  You really won't want to miss this!

January 15 - The Narrative Arc of Genesis 1-11

We will look at how Genesis 1-11 builds a particular kind of narrative world and how the characters and events operate within that world.  This will point to a sequence of four strange texts that usually receive less attention than others and reveal that the threat of settled life, technology, and city-building are a primary concern of Genesis 1-11.

January 22 - Battle of the Genealogies in Genesis 4-5

The most puzzling text in all of Genesis 1-11 is the genealogy of Cain in 4:17-22.  The confusion is heightened by its connections to the larger genealogy of Adam/Seth in Genesis 5.  The presence of these two genealogies side-by-side in Genesis demands explanation, which may reveal what this part of the book is trying to do.

 January 29 - Civilization as the Forbidden Fruit

Taking conclusions drawn from this reading of Genesis 1-11 back into the story of the Garden of Eden may indicate that the knowledge Adam and Eve gain, and pass on to their son Cain, is the knowledge of human culture and civilization.  This is what he is banished to carry away, because it results in the death of the nomadic herding way of life embodied by Abel.  As city-dwellers like Nimrod and the people of Babel, how do we read a sacred text that takes this attitude toward urban, settled life?

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